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A Skilled Guide Through Complex Transactions

Every business has ongoing needs that require consistent, thoughtful legal representation. Transactional matter details can be just as exacting and high stakes as any litigation; the language on documents and contracts governs the outcome of foreseeable situations with pre-disposed solution choices and options. You need an attorney with the skills, experience, and insight to provide the answers you need and the service you can trust. 

At The PCB Firm, P.A., Attorney Euribiades “Euri” Cerrud II handles complex transactional matters for clients from Orlando and across Florida.  He represents developers, financiers, investors, venture capitalists, investment bankers, fellow colleagues, law firms, and award-winning small businesses across boardrooms and executive suites delivering Success as a Service. 

Colleagues and clients respect his work. He goes to great lengths to ensure a seamless, consistent experience. 

High-Risk Transaction? Get Confident Representation.

Attorney Euri Cerrud has the experience and knowledge of Florida law to be an effective lawyer for any company. He has used his skill in negotiation and transactional law for clients for in a myriad of matters including, but not limited to: 

  • Mergers and acquisitions: Crafting deals that bring corporations together is one of the most complex transactions. There are many complications, and your representation must be ready for any of them. 
  • Commercial real estate: From purchase and sale agreements to leasing, commercial real estate is extremely profitable. However, it can come with a host of complex legal needs that you must resolve. 
  • Intellectual property matters: Registering trademarks and ensuring your intellectual property protections can take a lot of time. An experienced attorney can streamline this process for you. 
  • Business entity creation: Whether you are starting a business, creating an entity for asset protection reasons or simply needing to change your companys corporate structure, skilled legal help is vital. 

The PCB Firm, P.A., Saves You Time And Money 

Call The PCB Firm, P.A., at 407-987-5367 or send an email to schedule a meeting.