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Taking On Complex Business Litigation Matters

Do you have total faith in the strength of your agreements? Do you understand the practicality of the language of your agreements?  Do you know your duties, rights, liabilities, and expectations under your agreements?  

If you answer this question with a “no,” you may need legal help. A business without faith in the contracts it signs is in a precarious place with real and present but unknown liabilities and exposures to which no educated decision or consideration has been granted. 

At The PCB Firm, P.A., attorney Euri Cerrud has over 21 years of experience in business disputes and complex commercial litigation in Florida delivering Success as a Service. Licensed to practice law in Florida USA, he offers insightful legal services to clients from all over the world. With his guidance, clients facing difficult commercial disputes can rest and focus on the rest and more productive aspects of their enterprise. 

Commercial Litigation Service You Can Trust In

Attorney Euri Cerrud has provided successful representation to clients in high-stakes matters. His work has saved clients millions and earned a reputation as an intelligent, thorough litigator. He routinely works with such issues as: 

  • Shareholder disputes 
  • Contract violations 
  • Breaches of duty 
  • Real Estate disputes 
  • Fraud

With each case, he extensively researches every part of the case, from the parties involved to the law. As a team, you will be empowered to take informed actions that make strategic sense and pursues the outcomes that meet your goals. 

Boutique Service, International Experience

Euri Cerrud offers a hands-on client-centered approach with limited engagements. Multinational companies with complex million-dollar deals have turned to Euri for litigation matters to secure the next decade of business growth, expansion, or strategic reorganization and acquisitions. 

The PCB Firm, P.A., Solves Problems For Businesses

Ultimately problems cost money. Euri Cerrud is, first and foremost, a problem solver. For more than 21 years, he’s worked on the most complex areas of the law and has had a successful record.  Fellow large firms have retained Euri as an expert on fees and costs in bet-the-house litigation, representation and help you too can have. Call The PCB Firm, P.A., at 407-987-5367 or schedule a meeting with him using this online form.